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DXR 310


The new remote-controlled demolition robot from Husqvarna®, the DXR 310, is the very latest in compact demolition robot technology. High power, low weight and functional design make it an obvious choice for consumers who want a highly maneuverable, super-strong and sturdy machine with a long reach, The remote control for the DxR 310 features a unique user-friendly and well- considered design, unlike anything on the market.

Our product knowledge, combined with experience, know-how and global presence mean you now have the choice of a demolition robot with highly accessible and competent service and support.

Let your choice be the Husqvarna DXR 310.

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The creative demolition robot.
Husqvarna s remote-controlled demolition robot brings creativity to demolition. It gives the user significant flexibility in terms of demolition method and solutions for increasing efficiency and profitability. with its compact, maneuverable design, the Husqvarna DXR 310 can enter practically anywhere and is perfect for demolition and light excavation work indoors and outdoors. The DXR 310 is ideal for the demolition of building industry materials, as well as demolition of piping, courtyards, stairwells, roofs, balconies, oven linings and much more. It Is highly efficient also in sensitive environments.
The DxR 310 is easy to maneuver In cramped spaces, and the design is more modern and functional than other machines on the market. The long reach of the arm, the step less slow- motion operation and various tools ensure maximum usability and precision. The strong metal hood has a contemporary look and the lights and lifting hooks have been integrated into the body of the machine, making it extremely robust, durable and stable.



Innovative engineering.
The machine has been developed entirely by Husqvarna. It's very easy to operate thanks to smart functional design and innovative engineering and technology. It moves quickly into position and is ready to start work without time-consuming preparation.




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Good view over the machine.
Its low height provides good view over the machine when you work, making operation both more efficient and safer as well as lowering the machine's centre of gravity.





Ergonomic remote control.
The remote control or the Husqvarna DXR 310 is the market’s most modern and easy to use control with a uniquely user friendly and well-considered design.







Individually controlled out-riggers.
The DxR 310 passes through most doorways since its just 78 cm wide. It also climbs stairs easily and can operate on uneven surfaces or close to walls, due to the individually controlled out-riggers.